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Volleyball Quiz: Questions and Answers

Question 1: The Fundamentals

How many times can a team hit the ball before it must be served over the net?

  • A) Once
  • B) Twice
  • C) Three times
  • D) Four times

Question 2: History Insight

In what year was volleyball invented?

  • A) 1895
  • B) 1915
  • C) 1935
  • D) 1955

Question 3: Player Actions

What is the term used when volleyball players make the first contact after the serve, aiming to properly set up the ball for an attack?

  • A) Dig
  • B) Set
  • C) Spike
  • D) Pass

Question 4: Serving Techniques

What does it mean when a player has served the ball directly into the opponent’s court without it being touched?

  • A) Ace
  • B) Fault
  • C) Carry
  • D) Double

Question 5: Volleyball IQ

Which of the following is not a position typically found among volleyball players?

  • A) Charger
  • B) Setter
  • C) Libero
  • D) Outside Hitter

Question 6: Game Strategy

Why is it critical for volleyball players to successfully get the ball over the net within the three-touch rule?

  • A) To maintain game flow and strategy
  • B) To confuse the opponents
  • C) It’s not critical; players can take as many touches as needed
  • D) To avoid penalties from the referee